Advace Group is one of the leading independent internationally active investment specialists and asset managers in the Green Sustainable Infrastructure Investment asset class.

As an owner-managed company, Advace advises institutional investors and investment management companies only. Advace has been awarded various investment mandates, performing portfolio and risk structuring, asset sourcing, transaction advisory as well as ongoing dynamic asset and risk management across the investment life cycle.

Advace has been awarded asset management mandates, representing about one billion Euro investment volume.


The success of an investment and the corresponding long-term performance can only be safeguarded through the asset manager’s extensive experience contributed both during the transaction phase and the ongoing asset management.
Therefore, all employees are exclusively committed to projects in the asset class of Green Sustainable Infrastructure. The breadth of transactions executed by and daily operational asset management services provided by the Advace team have deepened and strengthened this comprehensive expertise over the years.

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From our perspective, the term Green Sustainable Infrastructure asset class encompasses four core investment areas: Energy generation, distribution, storage and water infrastructure. Advace is active in all these areas in markets with moderate risk in Europe and Latin America.

The expertise and experience in our three areas of activity are highly interconnected and synergistic. As a result value creation is enhanced at each step of the value chain. In the execution of our mandates, we run investment processes specifically tailored to the requirements of the asset class of Green Sustainable Infrastructure Investments. This includes the definition of an investor specific risk optimized investment and portfolio strategy, sourcing, due diligence and acquisition of potential assets, as well as a long-term portfolio and performance management across the investment’s lifecycle.

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Our investors mandate us because they are looking for an independent investment specialist and asset manager dedicated to the single asset class of Green Energy Infrastructure Investments. Our competitive advantage is not only successful asset sourcing and a professional transaction process execution, but even more so the ability to incorporate our comprehensive risk management expertise of this specific asset class and the commitment of our performance being measured by the operational results of the investment. Thereby we synchronize the investor’s with the asset manager’s interests. For additional details, please click left on the individual areas of the graphic.

These services are offered through managed account mandates, direct investments, structured club deal investment as well as bespoke investment portfolios customized to the needs of usually larger investors.


In 2009, Advace Group started its activities with a dedication to Green Sustainable Infrastructure Investments. Since then Advace Group has continuously expanded. The team combines extraordinary professional expertise and a long-standing track record both in technical and financial fields.

The following persons form the management of Advace Group:


The currently living generations shoulder the unquestionable responsibility for a sustainable approach when using the available natural resources. More specifically, we understand sustainability as a way of fulfilling current economic, social and environmental needs without compromising the needs of future generations. Advace is aware of this responsibility and is fully dedicated to contributing to this effort.

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The significant reduction in CO2 emissions in the coming years is crucial for our lives and our economies. This radical change needs huge investment volumes, which at the same time offer attractive investment opportunities to investors. To assess these opportunities, precise risk-return estimates are necessary in order to integrate a fully comprehensive asset-based knowledge and key market element analyses (e.g., political risk, market developments and technical disruptions). Therefore, the cornerstones of our approach are to carefully consider all these factors during the investment process, utilizing thoroughly tested methods and extensive expertise resulting in highest quality products for our clients.
In that way, we create long-term and sustainable values for our investors and contribute together toward societal wellbeing.
Intellectual Capital

One of our key success factors is the daily application of comprehensive know-how and professional approaches. To that end, we invest specifically in the development of our intellectual capital in the form of studies and reports. Our intention is to contribute to the shaping and further developing of this investment market and asset class with insightful content, methods and opinions, so that the market is continuously evolving and maturing.

Because intellectual capital is a precious good to Advace, we ask you for your understanding that access to the intellectual capital is only available to our clients with a personalized login. Please contact us for further details.